When farming it is important to keep all your ducks in a row!

When farming it is important to keep all your ducks in a row![/caption]June has been an “interesting” month at MacDougall Meadows. There have been setbacks (well it would not be farming without setbacks!).

As many of you know from our face book posts Jake lost one of his Clydesdales this month. This was very difficult for Farmer Jake as well as the rest of us involved in the farm. It also seriously delayed ground preparation for the market garden.

Somehow a fox managed to break into one of the chicken tractors. This reduced the fresh chicken quota for that week.

On the bright side, although many of our farming friends and colleagues had serious crop damage from the late spring frost/freeze we were so far behind in our planting that we only lost the first planting of beans. These have since been replanted and are doing well.

The weekly offering of fresh chicken is being very well received by our customers. The comments on the amazing taste of the pasture raised fresh chicken have been very encouraging. One customer said: “I bought one last week and have to have another one this week.” Don’t forget you can order from the website so as not to be disappointed.

In mid-July MacDougall Meadows will be able to offer fresh pork. This will be available with an on line order or at the Brewery Market and Forum Market in Halifax on Saturdays as well as the new Sunday market in Windsor.

The ability to offer fresh chicken and pork is thanks to the completion of the walk in cold room. This took much longer and cost more (surprise!) than originally planned. However it is now up and running.

The laying hens are working hard on your behalf. Farm fresh eggs are now available at our table at all three markets.

The market garden is growing well, now that the weather is warmer. The tomato and pepper transplants are finally in the ground. Early offerings of outdoor grown fresh produce are available weekly at the Halifax Forum Market.

Finally the plans for our second annual Farm to Table dinner are coming together. The event is on Friday August 10th and Saturday August 11th. You can order your tickets by email:
[email protected]

And that is the news from Between the Rows.