Dear MacDougall Meadows customers, supporters, fans, and the like,
I must say that awakening to the hustle and bustle of the farm’s activities after a long winter’s nap is quite delightful. There are so many exciting things happening on the farm that I must share with all of you. Where to begin?

January surprise!!
The birth of Stuart Little – he sure is a cutie.

February welcomed the addition of Red Polled cattle to the herd. These girls are a little bigger than the Dexter cattle. but just as lovely.

Oh, this March has been the busiest and most exciting so far! The ewes finally started lambing. Cocomelon and Ella were the first to arrive. Then there is Lambie, Lula, Zeb, Seth, Remi, etc etc. I just adore the names the children come up with.

The winter winds were a force to be reckoned with – keeping Jake busy doing repairs to the mobile chicken houses, and Kim is boogieing around the fence lines pounding posts back in that the frost lifted and tightening the lines that wildlife and blown down trees had loosened.

In the hoophouse kale, arugula, salad mix, radishes, bok choy, spinach were seeded and the head lettuce planted out. Depending on the weather you should be enjoying these delicious greens by the end of April into May. In a smaller hoop house an experiment is happening with beets, snap peas, and carrots. I just love experimenting. If it is a success you will soon be enjoying these as well!

Here is the best part – you can find all the farm goodies at the Halifax Brewery and Forum Farmers Markets every Saturday and at the farm gate on Fridays. MacDougall Meadows still has a large array of mouthwatering frozen pasture raised pork and chicken products! Come on out and support a local farm.

The Farm Fairy, for the MacDougall Meadows team

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