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    Our chickens are raised outdoors, where they can forage natural food, drink plenty of fresh water, and stay safe from predators and diseases.

    We now have fresh chicken as of June 2, 2023! Please let us know in your order info whether you prefer fresh or frozen.

    Whole chicken: $6.50/lb (range from 4 to 5 lbs.)
    Number of whole chickens:

    Bone-in chicken breast: $10.50/lb
    Order per pack (1 breast per pack, avg weight .8 lbs)
    Number of packs:

    Boneless skinless chicken breast: $13.50/lb
    Order per pack (1 breast per pack)
    number of packs:

    Drumsticks (legs):$8.00/lb
    Order per pack (3-4 drums per pack, avg weight 1 lb)
    Number of packs:

    Wings: $8.50/lb
    Order per pack (10-12 wings per pack, avg weight 1 lb)
    Number of packs:

    Chicken livers: $6.50/lb
    Order per pack (1 lb per pack)
    Number of packs:

    Carcasses: $3.00/lb
    Number of pounds:

    Ground chicken: $14.00/lb (1 lb per pack)
    Number of pounds:

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    Our pigs are pasture-raised. They spend their whole lives in safe, clean conditions outdoors, where they are free to forage for natural foods and take advantage of the fresh Nova Scotia air. You will not find happier pigs anywhere! We believe this makes a great difference in the quality of the meat.

    I prefer: Fresh porkFrozen porkNo preference

    Available weekly at market:

    Pork shoulder roast: $7.25/lb
    Number of pounds:

    Deli ham slices: $15.00/lb (comes in approx. 1/2-lb. packages)
    Number of packs:

    Bacon: $13.00/lb
    Order per pack (approx. 3/4 lb per pack)
    Number of packs:

    Smoked pork chops: $13.00/lb
    Order per pack (1 per pack)
    Number of packs:

    Regular pork chops: $10.50/lb
    Order per pack (2 per pack)
    Number of packs:

    Pork cheeks: $17.00/lb
    Pounds of pork cheeks:

    Pork ribs: $8.00/lb
    1/2-rack per pack
    Number of packs:

    Pork tenderloin: $16.00/lb
    Order per pack (1 per pack)
    Number of packs:

    Ground pork: $7.50/lb
    1 lb per pack
    Number of packs:

    Bone-in butt roast: $7.50/lb
    Number of roasts:

    Boneless butt roast: $9.00/lb
    Number of roasts:

    Stir fry: $12.00/lb
    Pounds of pork stir fry meat:

    Available by pre-order only:

    Order these items by Tuesday PM to receive the following Saturday.

    Whole or side: $5.25/lb hanging weight, cut and wrapped
    Number of pork sides:
    Number of whole pork:

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    Blade Roast: $9.25/lb
    Number of blade roasts:

    Boneless Blade Roast: $12.50/lb
    Number of boneless blade roasts:

    Cross Rib Roast: $12.00/lb
    Number of cross-rib roasts:

    Ribeye: $30.00/lb
    Number of pounds:

    Rump Roast: $12.00/lb
    Number of rump roasts:

    Chuck Roast: $12.00/lb
    Nuber of chuck roasts:

    Sirloin Tip Roast: $15.00/lb
    Number of sirloin top roasts:

    Eye of Round Roast: $12.00/lb
    Number of eye of round roasts:

    Beef Brisket: $12.00/lb
    Number of beef briskets:

    Tri-tip: $13.00/lb
    Number of tri-tips:

    Beef Ribs: $8.00/lb
    Pounds of beef ribs:

    Stir Fry: $17.00/lb
    Pounds of stir fry beef:

    Ground Beef: $10.00/lb
    Pounds of ground beef:

    Bones: $5.00/lb
    Pounds of bones:

    Strip Loin: $20.00/lb
    Number of strip loin steaks:

    Flank Steak: $17.00/lb
    Number of flank steaks:

    Hanger Steak: $20.00/lb
    Pounds of hanger steak:

    Tenderloin: $30.00/lb
    Pounds of tenderloin:

    Denver Steak: $18.00/lb
    Number of Denver steaks:

    Skirt Steak: $15.00/lb
    Number of skirt steaks:

    Bavette: $16.00/lb
    Number of bavette steaks:

    Sirloin Tip: $16.00/lb
    Number of sirloin tip steaks:

    Top Sirloin: $17.00/lb
    Number of top sirloin steaks:

    Flat-iron steak: $19.00/lb
    Number of steaks:

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