MacDougall Meadows specializes in free-range chicken. What does free-range mean? In our case, it means our chickens spend their entire lives in chicken paradise. You can taste the difference.

Our chickens live outside, where they are exposed to plenty of fresh air. Not only does this make them happier, but it helps keep them free of the diseases that are rampant in crowded indoor production facilities. This means they don’t need to be heavily dosed with medication just to keep them alive. And that means you aren’t consuming the residue of all those meds.

What other benefits does being outside bring our chickens? They can forage for natural food in the grass. They can eat green plants and insects, which are part of their natural diet.

All this means our chickens are far happier than the mass-produced birds we typically eat. This makes a big difference for you, the consumer. One of our missions at MacDougall Meadows is to help strengthen the connection between people and the food they eat. After all, nothing is more important to your health than what you put in your body!

Once you try our chicken, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Healthy, happy chickens means more healthy, happy families in Nova Scotia, and that’s what we’re all about.

Our chicken is available from us at farmer’s markets, at the farm gate, or during one of our regular deliveries. Visit our order form page or just give us a call!

Happy free-range chickens at MacDougall Meadows

Happy free-range chickens at MacDougall Meadows