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Pst… want to hear the latest news from MacDougall Meadows?

Summer is now officially over and it has been the shortest frost free growing season that anyone can remember. The last spring frost was on June 4th and the first fall frost was September 24th/25th.

We have been lucky as we had good crops of scallions, salad greens, peas, beans, carrots, Swiss chard and tomatoes during the growing season. Now we are into the fall vegetables, namely carrots, potatoes, onions, leeks and parsnips.

On the livestock front Farmer Jake has been extremely busy moving his meat birds onto fresh grass every day. The weekly offering of fresh chicken has been well received by our loyal customers. Fresh free range eggs are available every week.

The Thanksgiving turkeys are nearly all sold. In spite of shortening their growing period they still came out quite large. A big thank you to those who were able to accommodate a larger turkey. Don’t forget to order your Christmas turkey from our web site soon so that we can make sure you get the size you ask for. (And yes I did say “Christmas”).

This year Jake was able to offer ducks to customers who were interested. These free range ducks are very tasty (you can order through our website

Pork is selling well – especially the ham slices. Also if you have not tried one of Jake’s soon to be famous smoked pork chops, you do not know what you are missing. We also have an ample supply of very tasty sausages ready to fill all your fall barbecuing needs.

As many of you know Dublin and Dory have calved – two healthy, curious bull calves. On September 26th they were joined by Elaine and Elsie who should calve next spring. We are excited to see our herd of Irish heritage-breed Dexter cattle grow.

The Farmers’ Markets have been going well. We will be at the Forum Market on Windsor Street in Halifax and at the Historic Brewery market every Saturday throughout the year. October 14th is the last outdoor market in Windsor (watch for the Windsor Christmas market on November 25th).
You can order any of our products from our website for delivery and pick up in Halifax at either of the two markets. We also have a monthly delivery schedule to the South Shore.

In addition, as if Jake does not have enough to do, he is opening on-site farm store soon.